• Abbie Etheridge

Covid-19 Update

As restrictions begin to be lifted across the country we are looking at how and when we will be able to start doing parties in person again. At this point we would be able to attend outside gatherings provided there are six or less people in attendance including the character. However we really aren’t keen to do this, we feel that the necessary restrictions will take away the magic from the experience. It’s also difficult to plan outdoor activities with our wonderful weather right now! If you are planning a birthday now and desperately want a character to attend though please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss the options with you, we do still have our video messages and virtual parties available. We are looking to start offering parties from mid July, although we cannot say this for definite as the situation is constantly changing.

We have been working on the how, things will not be the same at least for the time being, we anticipate the need to keep numbers low and expect distancing and being outside to still be necessary.

We are adapting our games to make them distance friendly and for the time being will not be using the parachute or any other items that need to be touched or held. Photos time will still be happening but the princess will post and the children will be asked to stand 2m in front.

We have worked out a plan to make gift giving contact free so birthday presents can still happen!

We would encourage for now to book these events with only the children in your house or bubble to minimise risk for your guests and our performers.

In most cases we will need to only have one character per party but providing the group number stays under the limit (currently 6) it may be possible to have a second character attend.

We desperately want to get back to partying but the health and well-being of your families and our performers are of the utmost importance and we will do everything we can to keep you as safe as possible.

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