• Abbie Etheridge

Garden Parties

We know the constant changing of what we can and can‘t do is very confusing and we have had people asking about the latest announcement so let me break down what we can do and why.

1 – Garden parties are allowed for up to six people, that includes your entertainer plus a parent to manage social distancing.  For example, if you have two children, you can invite another two from another household, our performer and you.

2 – Social gathering of 30 and less are allowed ONLY for weddings/civil ceremonies and with no party allowed.  

3 – Outdoor performances are allowed yes, but that is not a party. This is only for public venues (not your garden) where tickets are booked and the venue takes care of the health and safety requirements.

4 – We cannot entertain for any more than this.

5 – Our insurance will not cover us if government guidelines are not followed.

6 – Please bear in mind that if your household or area does not comply with the Covid-19 rules and steps taken to measure safety, entertainers have the right to refuse to entertain.

So garden parties with six (Including your performer) or less can happen and we are also providing doorstep visits so you can still enjoy the magic if you don’t have a garden or just aren’t ready to take that next step. We do still have our online parties and video messages available too.

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