• Abbie Etheridge

Happy Pride!

Here at Wish Upon a Starre we are proud allies!

We always want to be a safe place for the lgbtq+ community.

We were so thrilled and honoured to be apart of the first ever weymouth pride event and hope it’s able to take place once events can happen again.

(picture is a still from television hence the terrible quality)

We believe that humans matter, it doesn’t matter what your sexuality or gender identity is. You matter to us, and we love you.

We think it is important to encourage the little humans in your life, they may not fit into the boxes society creates for us and that’s okay! Let them explore and be who they are without the constraints of what someone of their birth gender ’should’ do.

Princesses are for everyone! So are superheroes and Star Wars characters and anything else you can think of.

If it makes them happy then let them

enjoy it!

We hope to see you at pride events again in the near future!

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