• Abbie Etheridge

Happy September!

We hope you’ve all had a great summer and are looking forward to going back to school! We know school is going to be a bit different this term but we are confident after a few weeks everyone will get used to the changes and settle into routine.

We have been asked about inside parties and here’s the thing, we have to comply with current guidance or our insurance would be void and we cannot operate without insurance. At the time of writing this the guidance states that you shouldn’t hold or attend parties. We are not the same as a performance where the audience is sat watching and distancing throughout. We also aren’t a wedding, you can have a wedding celebration with 30 people but this is specifically for a sit down meal.

We are offering doorstep visits where your fave character will come to your house and stay outside to chat with the child at a distance.

We can have garden parties with six or less, this number includes our performer and any parents in attendance. If you have a gazebo without the sides the party can take place under this if theres enough Space. We will provide markers for the children to show them where to sit and stand throughout.

But the weather is changing, we get that garden parties are not going to be possible very soon and we are hopeful that numbers will continue to drop and it will be safe to come inside soon.

Until then we can be inside but only with two bubbles in attendance, our performer counts as one bubble and your household is the other. So in this situation we are not talking about your school bubbles or extended bubbles, just our performer and the people who already live in the house. There must be enough space for the performer to stay distanced throughout.

In any of these visits distancing must take place and we ask that parents and guardians talk with the child before hand and make sure they understand the need to stay 2m apart.

If we find ourselves in a situation that does not comply with current guidelines we will have to leave. We do not want to do this but please understand that we can not operate if uninsured which is what would happen if there are too many people, distancing isn’t happening or a garden party is actually inside. Should this happen no refund will be issued.

This is a constantly changing situation and we will update as and when things change. If you have any questions please ask and if you’d like to know more about our covid procedures we’ll be happy to share that info with you!

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