• Abbie Etheridge

The Perfect Party?

Sometimes when booking people will tell me that they’re worried the party is going to be too small, just the birthday child and a couple of best friends or just family. Let me tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a small party! Often those are the ones that stick in our princesses heads for longer.

I think often parents feel pressured to have a massive party and invite the whole class, but particularly with a young child this can be very overwhelming.

Of course all children are different and some will thrive in that environment, but for some children it isn’t the right thing at all and there is nothing wrong with that.

As a performer I love being booked for a small party, around ten children at home. The children are able to spend quality time with the character without being rushed.

We do also offer a craft activity we can add into a party with a small number of children where the games we play may not work (e.g. if the space is small).

Don't get me wrong we love a big party too! But you shouldn’t feel like you have to have a massive party if it isn’t what your child will enjoy.

Starre x

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