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What Next?

We have a lot of ideas and things in the works, we are always wanting to grow and improve and add more themes and characters for your parties! But we would love to hear your thoughts, what would you like us to focus on next? Here’s everything we’d like to do, let us know which number is your top pic!

1, the Apple Princess!

She’s the one who started it all, and the fairest of them all! But do your little ones know her story? Watch her movie and let us know if she’s your top pic!

2, The Nordic Queen!

Her sister had a fabulous new outfit and now she’s a queen too we feel she deserves a new dress. However she’s not a character who is booked often, do you want to see her in this dress?

3. Snow sisters travel outfits.

These two had a lot of great outfits in their latest film but these are the ones we see children wearing the most often, would you like to see our sisters in them? Let us know!

4, Dinosaur Explorer!

This is something a little different we‘ve been thinking about, have an explorer join you for a party full of Dino activities!

5, Pirates!

Who doesn’t love pirates? Well other than Peter Pan and Commodore Norrington and The Royal Navy? Would you like pirates for your parties? Let us know!

There are two more things we’re thinking about at the moment but this is probably enough to be going on with! Let us know which number is your top pic!

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