• Abbie Etheridge

Why we don’t offer Moana

We sometimes get asked for characters we don’t currently offer, and while we can often add characters when they are requested it is extremely important to me that we have the right performer to accurately and sensitivity portray the character.

This is why at present we do not offer Moana, she’s probably the one that comes up most often.

And I would love to have her, I think her film is great, I love her story and as someone who lived at sea for years the song how far I’ll go really does speak to me. The line where the sky meets the sea absolutely does call me.

But I will never compromise on integrity, I have seen others fake tan white performers to portray Moana in particular but also Jasmine, Elena and Pocahontas here at Wish Upon a Starre we will never do that.

Until I have the performers to represent these characters I will not offer them.

Unfortunately we are based in an area that isn’t very diverse and even when hiring specifically for these roles we’ve not had anyone complete the application process, I am hopeful that at some point we will find performers who can accurately portray these wonderful characters but until then we will not be offering them.

Changing a performers skin colour for a role is very wrong as is white washing. We will never do this.

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